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Supplicant (Dominance, #1) - Gem Frost,  Meg Harris I got this free from ARe and I won't buy the rest. The implausibility of a young billionaire, lady and man killer, world traveler, etc., taking an interest in an intern in his company struck me as far-fetched from the start.

There is no explanation as to why Dom is attracted to Gabriel, because we only have one POV (bothersome if the reader is to get to know both characters.)

This is all about the meh sex and absolutely no story whatsoever.

The writing wasn't terrible, but the passive voice abounds, something a good editor would edit out immediately. Also the "I'm not gay, why am I attracted to him?" went on and on, giving the impression that guys really can't control themselves. The constant author intrusion by way of exposition annoyed. There is very little show and much too much tell.

However, getting back to the implausibility of the interest between the two characters. Presumably, Dom could have anyone, and yet he chooses a lowly intern, because, we are told, Gabriel's parents died in a car crash. There is no other explanation and therein lies the rub. We need to know what draws them together, so we can feel the attraction. I can imagine Gabriel's attraction (the money) more than Dom's, but we have nothing here that makes us root for the two guys.

I'm sad to say that this was another foray into self-published work that didn't work on many levels. Self publishing only works when the author doesn't try to go the cheap route. Instead they hire a real editor, who will rein in the bad writing habits. Without editing, writing is nothing more than words on a page. Without editors, authors continue the bad habits, because they don't know enough to correct them.

When I added up the word count, which looks like about 74k and the cost, five additional installments at $1.99 a piece, the cost is much more than any ebook of the same word count, and higher than most. Individually, the pricing is reasonable, but when you add up the installments, no way. My 106k sells for $6.99.

Sorry to be so tough, but when an author puts work out there for sale, they need to make the best effort possible to make sure the reader has the best story they can give. This fell short, as, woefully, many self published works do.