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Brita Addams

Fettered - Lyn Gala I enjoyed this story, save for a couple of niggles. I felt that Vin was the more compelling character, so I would have liked to have had Vin's POV as well as Dylan's. I would have liked to have known more of his background, what really made him tick. Inner thoughts in his quieter moments, when he has Dylan in the closet. What Vin felt like, etc.

I would have liked a firm resolution to the situation with Gary, instead of the wheels of justice grinding slowly. I thought that was an interesting, if not disturbing underlying story. Well done save for the resolution.

The rating is based upon the story as presented, which was very good. I'll miss Vin and Dylan, but feel that something was missing relative to Vin.

I'll definitely be reading Ms. Gala again.