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The Beloved One - Danelle Harmon I liked this one a degree better than The Wild One though I found the dialogue stunted and unbelievable at times. In many instances, the dialogue sounded like exposition.

People don't really draw their fists to their forehead, or knuckle their eyes. The melodrama quality of the writing set me outside the story, as did the multiple POVs, which I understand was okay to write in the '90s. Omniscience is fine, at times, but I was put off by the, "But Charles never knew," or "Amy never saw..."

I understood why the author felt that Charles shouldn't have any feelings toward Charlotte, but that flew in the face of the honorable man he was purported to be. The plot devise was simplistic, in that if he didn't have feelings for Charlotte, then he wouldn't have feelings for Juliet, who bore her. But, how does one as compassionate and beloved as Charles, not love his own daughter, sight unseen?

I'll forego The Defiant One. Not much interested in Andrew. Dislike Lucien and can readily understand why he isn't married. The entire family knows that Lucien manipulates, yet they fall for it every time.