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Reckless Embrace - Madeline Baker The last installment in the Reckless series was in many ways the best, after the first book.

I hadn't a vested interest in Blackie prior to this book, but Ms. Baker quickly immerses the reader in Blackie's world and I fell in love with him right away.

Joey - I felt badly for her, knew girls like her growing up, but I never truly connected with her. However, I rarely connect with the heroines anyway, and I did enough to understand Blackie's love for her.

Throughout this series, we got a wonderful does of Shadow and Hannah, two of the most endearing characters I have ever read. They will live with me for a very long time, and will beckon me toward a re-read of their story.

The family is populated by wonderful, rich characters, Hawk, Cloud Walker, Victoria, Mary (though I have to say the women, save for Hannah, aren't as richly treated as the men,) and some of secondary characters, like the Spragues were happy re-visits.

This volume tended toward a more modern treatment, as it takes place in 1908. I missed the old atmosphere, but enjoyed the lamentations of how Hannah and Shadow missed the old way of life. I guess we all feel that way about our younger days, when life was simpler.

All in all, I give this series a 4.5 star rating, and have review each book individually. This will definitely go on me re-read list, if only to visit once again with the characters I grew to love so much.