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Reckless Desire - Madeline Baker I have enjoyed the Reckless series, and while I enjoyed this book, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first two.

This was written, "in the good old days," when passive voice didn't matter, when multiple POVs abounded, and when repetition didn't catch an editor's eye.

While passive and multiple POVs existed in the other two installments, they weren't as distracting as they were in this book. Even an infant had a POV, and every secondary character. I would have loved to have Shadow's POV, and skip everyone else's but Hannah's.

One massively annoying thing was the repetition--the recounting of past incidents, in detail, took up a great deal of word count. Phrases such as "carried under her heart," are fine once or twice, but there were many more incidents.

There was also a repetition of scenarios, with a change in character names. For one, Cloud Walker kills Mary's husband in the woods. Previously, Shadow had killed Hannah's husband. Likewise with the law hunting them down, they are in jail, acquitted. They must live in the wilderness, the wife pregnant, and are accosted by raping whites. The respective husband (Shadow or Cloud Walker, or even Hawk in the previous book) shows up in the nick of time and dispatches the dastardly evil doer.

Every Indian in the story ends up in jail, which is sad. They are drawn in to situation where they can't control their temper and something bad happens, usually murder and mayhem.

I have to say that I love Shadow and Hannah. I can't say that about the next generation, to the same degree. They are likable characters, but they don't possess the same endearing qualities that Shadow and Hannah do.

I will read the last book, Reckless Embrace, but to read more about Hannah and Shadow, as I'm not enamored with Blackie at all.

On another note. The editing lacked greatly in this book. Many misspelled words, odd punctuation, and missing words. All in all, a miss in an otherwise terrific series.