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Brita Addams

The Lion of Kent - Aleksandr Voinov,  Kate Cotoner I loved the characters in this book, the setting and pure testosterone that poured from my e-reader (it will take awhile for that image to get out of your heads, won't it?).

These are men who don't fight what they want, they embrace it. No angst! I vote for angstless heroes - sometimes that is. These men are admirable in their zeal for battle, their duty and each other. Yet, the need for each other is subtle and not tunic-ripping so to speak. That alone showed the great writing in this book.

The ambiguous age difference lent an air of mentorship and allegiance without making Robert seem like a predator or William feeling obligated because Robert was his lord and master.

I read Deliverance in Forbidden Love and it was my favorite of the four stories in the anthology. Aleks' writing is on another plain compared to other writers. He has a thought process that most men his age couldn't even aspire to. I read whatever he writes because HE wrote it. All authors should strive to sell their work on the basis of their name alone, yet Aleks, I'm sure, takes the comment with slight disbelief. He's made me read genres I'd have never looked at, simply by the strength of his name, as a great author.

I've never read Kate Cotoner before, but I will. I don't know what her particular contribution was to Lion of Kent, but the overall patchwork in this story was genius and I give her her due.

Lion of Kent will stay on my e-reader and be read over and over again. I, like many others, look forward to more installments in William's life. This was a joy to read from start to finish.

I must comment on the fact, lest his fans forget, English is not Mr. Voinov's native language, yet he weaves the words like a man born to the language. My admiration redoubles with each book I read.

What more can I say. I bow to Mr. Voinov's and Ms. Cotoner's genius. Thank you for sharing this story. It is simply wonderful.