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Brita Addams

From Afar - Ava March I positively loved this book and would give it ten stars if I could. I didn't think I could read about vampires, having never done it. However, I love the Twilight movies and still lament the loss of "Moonlight" with Alex O'Loughlin on CBS (I lament CBS as well, but for very different reasons.)

Ava has been a favorite author of mine for sometime, but this book just boosted her rating to the top of my list. She created two characters, Raphael and Aleric, who are simply unforgettable. The angst was palpable, their love was beautiful, messy, angry... all the things that make this book great.

Reading it prompted me to write to Ava and ask if I could interview her on my blog! I am a fan big time.

Buy this book, then buy her "Bound..." series. Absolutely a wonderful writer.