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Where The Wild Wind Blows

Where The Wild Wind Blows - Nancy Morse The main characters aren't pleasing to read and the story rambles a bit too much for me. I got that Black Moon hates whites, but that fact was repetitive to the point of distraction. He was sullen, which isn't my kind of hero and I never got a true sense of Katie at all.

Some of the names seemed improbable - Bone Bracelet, Good Deeds, Claw,Pretty Shield, Kettle, Big Belly, No Neck, Iron Shell, Two Scalps, and Hail Storm in particular. Yellow Hand to a lesser degree. If I'm not mistaken, men are give their names after their vision quest. Some of these above are men's names and simply don't fit--Big Belly? No Neck?

The various tribes are referred to in plural - the Cheyennes, the Oglalas, the Crows, and I believe that should be singular.

There was some POV switches, particularly to omniscient and much author intrusion, which a good editor would have recognized and had the author eliminate. There is much telling as well, another thing editing would have fixed. A rival kidnaps Katie and jams a knife into the ground where she would have slept. Katie tells the reader, that the gesture leaves no doubt that she was taken and by whom. She can't know that because her captor didn't tell her that? Author intrusion.

Missing words abound. Whoever edited this book really let the author down. The story could have used serious developmental help, but the punctuation and missing words definitely put this into a negative category for me. Another sad venture into self-publishing land that wasn't a pleasant one.