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Brita Addams

Riding Ryder - Raven McAllan The connection happened much too quickly, hours, the main character's cluelessness grated, and the horrendous editing did the story no justice.

Head hopping abounded, grammar, in places, confused the issues, misplacement or elimination of commas gave too many sentences entirely different meanings, passive voice throughout (was, was, was,) and telling rather than showing took away from what could have been a good story with some heavy editing. I spent the entire story rewriting the sentences in my head, eliminating all the bad editing.

A minor distraction was the use of words that wouldn't be familiar to American audiences. Boardies, for one. I have no clue, though I think it might be shorts of some kind. That said, Breathless Press is a Canadian publisher, so the onus isn't on them to accommodate American readers, and as I say, it was only a minor distraction.

I won't purchase another book by this author or from Breathless Press. Without care paid to the quality of what they produce, my dollars will go where I can trust that the story will be worth the price and where the publisher cares about the reputations of their authors, to say nothing of themselves.

A predictable ending, though by that time, I didn't care what happened.